opticonnect-0500Opticonnect Systems B.V., an Optical Networking vendor of Optical Transport solutions with a mission.

Opticonnects mission is to simplify the planning, deployment and maintenance of complex Optical Networks. This is achieved by developing user friendly products, the provision of adequate information and transparent support.

In today’s telecommunications market, optical fiber communication has become the mainstream and optical transport solutions are commodity products. Therefore Opticonnect has committed to provide innovative solutions for fiber communication with short delivery times, straight forward commissioning, free after sales support and life time warranty on their WDM product lines.

Patented systems

In its strive to make fiber networks easier to implement, Opticonnect has developed Singletrace™, a revolutionary full single fiber WDM system with nothing but wins on each part of the network. Singletrace™ offers lower implementation costs, lower management costs and lower operational costs.

Opticonnects product range includes:

Single Fiber

Besides SingleTrace™, Opiconnect believes in single fiber solutions. The reason? Almost all traffic below 80km distance can be transported over one fiber strand instead of two and using a single fiber reduces patch errors right away. For most bandwidths, single fiber optics are available as they are for Multimode and Single mode. Whether it is a connection between a server or a switch, or a DWDM system, Opticonnect has costs saving solutions on the shelf.

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