Opticonnect Systems is a Dutch company that focuses on providing smart solutions for data transport over optical fiber. We do this by making the technology more accesible with a focus on the development of Single Fiber (BiDirectional) WDM Solutions.

Opticonnects mission is to simplify the planning, deployment and maintenance of complex Optical Networks. This is achieved by developing user friendly products, the provision of adequate information and transparent support.

In today’s telecommunications market, communication by fiber is common and optical transport solutions are available in many variations. Opticonnect distinguishes itself in this market by offering innovation solutions for fiber optic communication with short delivery times, easy installation, free support and lifetime warranty on its WDM products.

Opticonnect delivers a great variety of products; WDM multiplexers, SFPs, XFPs, SFP +, QSFPs and CFPs for dual fiber, single fiber and all WDM color schemes

Patented systems

In the effort to simplify the implementation of fiber optic networks, Opticonnect has developed Singletrace, a revolutionary single fiber WDM system with only advantages. SingleTrace offers lower implementation costs, lower management costs and lower operating costs.

Single Fiber

With the development of SingleTrace, Opticonnect believes in single fiber solutions. The reason? Almost all data traffic with a distance shorter than 80 km can be transported over one fiber instead of two fibers. By using one fiber the risk of patch errors immediately decreases. Single fiber optics with the choice of all wavelengths are available for both MultiMode and SingleMode fibers. When it comes to a connection between a server, a switch or a DWDM system, Opticonnect has a cost-saving solution available.

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