Corporate Social Responsibility

Netways Europe is dedicated to deliver value, and for us, value doesn't equal money. Here is how we take our share of the ecological, social and economic responsibility.

CO2 Neutral
From the moment our shipper, UPS, offered the CO2 Neutral shipping as an option, all our shipments were shipped with that option checked. The import as well as the client shipments.

Whenever possible we re-use materials such as packaging. New materials are made from recycled materials, if available.

Netways Europe sponsors OXFAM NOVIB on a monthly basis, specific the provision of micro loans in Africa. Locally we are sponsoring a cancer research project, done by the KWF at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht.

Most of our products have a very low power consumption and are rated the best in the industry. Also, it is our believe that data communication contributes to a cleaner and safer world, which we sincerely see as part of our responsibility.