PacketLight develops high quality, reliable, modular DWDM and OTN solutions that enable enterprises, carriers, and service providers to cost-effectively build out or upgrade the speed and capacity of their optical networks. PacketLight’s 1U products ensure minimal use of rack space while meeting cooling requirements and protecting data with embedded Layer-1 optical encryption.

The feature updates include:

  • Rate Limit of Ethernet services (applies to PL-2000M/AD/ADS): The suite of 100G/200G muxponder and transponder solutions for DCI, short-haul, metro and long-haul, now allows service providers to offer flexible bandwidth to customers with low granularity for delivering Ethernet managed services, using rate limit over 10G/40G/100G interfaces. This creates flexibility in pricing and capacity, based on specific customer needs, providing better utilization of bandwidth and cost savings.

  • Enhanced 100G wavelength solution for distances up to 4,000 km (applies to PL-2000M/DC): PacketLight’s PL-2000M 100G/200G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder, and the PL-2000DC optical transport platform now have an improved dispersion compensation and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) extending optical link reach and performance. This facilitates enhanced 100G services for ultra long-haul applications, alien wavelength over third party networks, and network expansion over distances up to 4,000 km without the need for regenerators.

  • Multi-crypto officer infrastructure feature (applies to all products with embedded encryption): Different crypto officers can now separately manage customer-designated ports on PacketLight’s suite of 1U products with embedded Layer-1 encryption, including the use of unique shared secrets and encryption management. This feature enables service providers to offer improved usability and security to the individual customer over their infrastructure by allowing them to be the sole manager of their own encrypted services.

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