Splitters / FiberTaps

Opticonnect produces and supplies various types of splitters and fibertaps. Splitters in various proportions, with and without case. Fibertaps are used to duplicate signals towards (security) analysis tools. These are for both Single and multimode applications. In addition to the standard range, taps are also made on request / size.

Opticonnect produces and supplies Fiber Splitters and Taps for various applications.

Product naamOmschrijvingExtra informatie
OSC-1:64-SM-SC/APC1:64 splitter ABS box SC/APC 0.9mm 1M mini box -40~85 C.
OSC-1:64-SM-1UST-SC/APC1U 19” Steel enclosure with 1:64 splitter ABS box SC/APC 0.9mm G652D 1M mini box -40~85 C.
OSC-1:64-SM-1UAL-SC/APC1U 19” HQ aluminium enclosure with 1:64 Splitter ABS box SC/APC 0.9mm G652D 1M mini box -40~85 C.
Fiber Taps
SPM-MM-2x1Spliter Module MultiMode, passief , 2 x1, max. 8dB IL
SPM-MM-4x1Spliter Module MultiMode, passief , 4 x 1, max. 8dB IL