PacketLight provides a range of DWDM and CWDM transponders for building modular, cost-effective optical transport networks for long haul, metro and data center applications. PacketLight’s transponders offer multi-rate multi-protocol support with built-in OTN and Layer-1 optical encryption capabilities, covering the entire spectrum of WDM rates.

Sub-100 Gbit

PacketLight’s PL-1000TE is an advanced, all-in-one DWDM and CWDM optical transport product, supporting up to 8 transponders with a flexible mix of industry standard-based protocols.

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100 Gbit

PacketLight’s PL-1000T highly integrated transponder platform provides a unified 100G optical transport layer, supporting 100G client services with LR4/ER4 and SR10 optics, and seamlessly interfaces with third party equipment.

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