200 Gbit

PacketLight’s PL-2000M is a 200G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder for building high capacity optical transport networks. Its flexible architecture enables the same device to be used in multiple applications and adapt to network growth and changes.


The PL-2000M provides high transport capacity of 200G over a single wavelength. The solution meets market demands for low power consumption and rack space savings, reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX and enabling to easily and cost-effectively roll-out service and increase capacity of enterprise DCI (data center interconnect) and metro networks.

The PL-2000M supports a flexible mix of 10G/40G/100G client interface protocols in various muxponder and transponder operation modes, combining different protocols and rates over a single 200G uplink.

Flexible Design

The PL-2000M 1U device supports up to two integrated optical amplifiers and an optical switch. It is the smallest, most integrated transport solution of its kind, reaching up to 200km/42dB without intermediate sites and 1,000 km with inline sites.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-2000M delivers carrier grade, high-end 200G solutions, capable of serving multiple applications and protocols for enterprise and data center networks, such as data, storage, video, and TDM (time-division multiplexing). The product supports standards-based Layer-1 encryption, configurable per service or per uplink.

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