100 Gbit Transponder

PacketLight’s PL-1000T highly integrated transponder platform provides a unified 100G optical transport layer, supporting 100G client services with LR4/ER4 and SR10 optics, and seamlessly interfaces with third party equipment.


The PL-1000T 1U device is a modular solution which provides 100G optical transport cost-effectively for rolling out 100G services. It uses standards-based, pluggable optical modules on all optical interfaces on both client and line. The solution meets market demands for low power consumption and rack space savings, reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX and enabling to easily and cost-effectively increase capacity of enterprise and metro networks.

Flexible Design

The PL-1000T provides 1+1 facility protection and supports two DWDM 100G OTU4 uplinks. Protection is performed in under 50ms and enables data transport over two diverse fiber routes between sites.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-1000T 1U device supports up to two integrated optical amplifiers, mux/demux and DCM, providing the smallest, most integrated transport solution of its kind, reaching up to 200 km / 42dB without intermediate sites.

The solution also supports 100G media converter, enabling effective connectivity with different 100G interfaces.

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