Adva ConnectGuard

ADVA Optical Networking offers its ConnectGuard security solution for service providers and companies.

There are three variants:

  • ConnectGuard Optical for the ADVA FSP 3000 serie,
  • ConnectGuard Ethernet for the ADVA FSP 150 serie,
  • ConnectGuard Cloud.

ConnectGuard Optical for the ADVA FSP 3000

Adva offers robust transport layer security and is ideal for data center interconnection applications that require advanced protection for the transport of huge data volumes. It provides a transparent, wire-speed service for securing mission-critical data and includes a strictly separate coding domain manager to meet the most stringent legal requirements. With a protocol-agnostic approach, ADVA ConnectGuard ™ Optical can transport all network protocols for storage areas, including Ethernet, Fiber Channel and InfiniBand, with line speeds of up to 600 Gbps. As part of the ADVA FSP 3000, there is no need for stand-alone security equipment, which simplifies network operations and reduces the total cost of data protection.

ConnectGuard Ethernet for the ADVA FSP 150

Adva also provides Ethernet-layer security and is crucial for the security of data as it travels through third-party package networks. It enables scalable and secure Ethernet connectivity between locations on top of unprotected Carrier Ethernet networks.

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