Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

Over 100 key performance indicators (KPIs) monitored or computed;

  • Extensive graphical display and analysis options
  • Customizable screen profiles
  • Alerts
  • Reporting with private branding options.

Empowering service orchestration:

Pro-Vision® orchestration and service management platform helps CSPs meet these challenges head on. It offers a clean, modern and intuitive UI that empowers network administrators to quickly and easily visualize their network’s topology, manage its state, track the status of individual services and manage individual devices. Faults can be immediately identified and affected services accessed right from the home screen, while new services can be activated in minutes with just a few clicks. Once deployed, Pro-Vision® continuously monitors all provisioned services for faults and degradations, while intuitive reporting and diagnostic tools enable precise pinpointing of affected areas for much faster service restoration times and quicker return to revenue.

A complete set of automated tools

When deployed in multi-vendor networks, our Pro-Vision® software offers operators a powerful RESTCONF northbound API. It takes advantage of performance offered by a web-enabled REST interface while leveraging standards-based YANG models for packet and optical service provisioning and management. This enables seamless integration with multi-domain orchestration platforms without the significant added cost of having to adapt to proprietary methodologies. It’s the ideal solution for bringing new services to market in less time and reducing operational costs. What’s more, our Pro-Vision® solution delivers full lifecycle service management with a unified network view, enabling operators to efficiently offer and support next-generation services in SDN-enabled networks.

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